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Dr. Derek Muller from Sydney is Opens external link in new windowcrowdsourcing his journey through Science Centers and Universities in Europe. We twittered him to visit Cologne, and after a quick phone call he simply walked in on Friday 14th September.

We gathered the PhD Students of Science Education who happened to be at work in the ZdI School Lab and our Media Lab on a Friday afternoon and asked Derek to give us a Seminar Lecture of his PhD thesis, and how it influenced his creative work. An interesting lesson was to learn how his classroom experience as a physics teacher shaped his way of designing educational media.

You should view Derek's science education videos on his youtube channel:

Says PhD Student Sebastian Mendel: "Derek is really authentic, teaching with the same thought-provoking style in a seminar that you can watch in Youtube. This just adds to the strange feeling of sitting in a movie, and watching the actor stepping right out of the screen".